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United Kingdom


The United Kingdom, officially the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland but more commonly known as the UK or Britain, is a sovereign country lying off the north-western coast of the European mainland. The United Kingdom includes the island of Great Britain, the north-eastern part of the island of Ireland and many smaller islands. Northern Ireland is the only part of the United Kingdom that shares a land border with another sovereign state—the Republic of Ireland.

Why UK

Wherever on the planet you end up, on the off chance that you have a degree from a UK college it will be perceived by managers, colleges, and governments. As UK colleges are related with quality instruction, procuring a degree from one of the UK’s some exceptionally respected colleges will help your profession movement.

Cost Of educational / living

Cost of education and living is pretty high in UK. The normal lease that you will pay in UK fluctuates relying upon where you live. A one room level midpoints at £650 ($1000 USD) every month in case you’re in the city; £550 (—$850 USD) in case you’re outside of the city. It might be above £1500 if your vitality costs are incorporated into the lease. Please check the pdf below to know more.


The United Kingdom, made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, is an island nation in northwestern Europe. England — birthplace of Shakespeare and The Beatles —is home to the capital, London, a globally influential centre of finance and culture. England is also site of Neolithic Stonehenge, Bath’s Roman spa and centuries – old universities at Oxford and Cambridge.

After Graduation

Britain has a joint record high employment rate of 75.6% with 32.39 million people now in work according to the latest official statistics. The          unemployment rate is now 4.2% — down 0.4% since  last year — with the number of people out of work    falling by 115,000.